What is FSPromos4U?

Foodservice promotions for you (FSPromos4u) is a portal for foodservice operators to submit manufacturer rebates online. There is a desktop version of the portal (https://fspromos4u.com) and a mobile app version (https://app.fspromos4u.com/).

How do I find rebates that are available for me?

Manufacturers, distributors, or sales reps will provide you with rebates that have access codes you can use to submit the rebate online through FSPromos4u. Online offers may also have links that directly pass into the FSPromos4u portal. You can also view some publicly available offers at www.fspromos4u.com/save

What is the quick access code or offer code?

It's a code printed on the rebate or given to you to help identify and submit the rebate through the FSPromos4u portal.

How do I submit a rebate?

Use the quick access code and enter it on the website. Follow the 4 easy steps:

  1. Enter your access code.
  2. Create your login or sign in.
  3. Fill out the Operator address information and upload your proof of purchase, a filled in copy of the rebate, or other documentation as required for the rebate.
  4. Submit the information.

What if I have multiple operations/locations that I want to submit rebates for?

Create your user account and submit the rebate for each operation/location and just use a different operator address under the "operator information" section. If you have 3 operations/locations, submit it 3 times. Each of those addresses you enter will save in your user account so you can quickly choose them for future rebate submissions.

What if I'm a sales rep, broker, or distributor?

You can submit rebates through this system on behalf of your operators. Create one user account under your name and your email and then go through the submission process for each operator separately by using the operator's address information in the "Operator Information" section. Do not create multiple users accounts for each operator.

What if my code is not working?

Double-check the code and the specific offer details. Each rebate has different rules and details that must be abided to, such as dates, number of times codes can be used, etc. Please contact us with any questions or issues you may be experiencing.

How long will it take to get my rebate?

It can depend on the rebate but for most submissions, please allow 4-8 weeks for us to verify and the submission and send out the payment.

How do I check on the status of my rebate?

Come back to the portal and log in. Click on the "Past Rebate Submissions" to view the current status of rebates you previously submitted.

What if it says I already have a user account, or I forgot my password?

Under the sign in area, click the "forgot your password" link. Enter your email and follow the directions in the email you receive. If you don't get an email, please check your SPAM/Junk folder and if still not found, contact us.

Can I have multiple user accounts for my operation?

There can be multiple user accounts, but each rebate submitted only appears under the user account that submitted it.

How do I submit or what are the requirements for proof of purchase?

Each rebate or offer has its own requirements for proof of purchase. Multiple file formats such as docx, xlsx, pdf, jpg, png, etc. can be uploaded in the submission process. The mobile app also allows you to use your camera to take a picture of the proof of purchase.